Gob Smacked Mouth Guards

Gob Smacked can create a fully custom fitted mouth guard that is perfect for you and offers maximum comfort and protection. And the best part? It could cost less than the ‘boil and bite’ one you were going to get from the pharmacy.

With Gob Smacked being a preferred provider for most major health funds you could get 100% of the cost of your mouth guard back through your fund! And if you want to have that bit of extra swag Gob Smacked has a range of personalisation options available including colours, text and images.

So, if you’re really keen on keeping your teeth in tip top condition while playing the sport you love, head over to the Gob Smacked Facebook page or visit http://www.gobsmackedsportsmouthguards.com.au and check out their range now!

W: http://www.gobsmackedsportsmouthguards.com.au
E: gobsmackedsmg@gmail.com
M: Scott – 0420 517 441

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